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Cinestar 8 Heavy lifter

The CineStar is the next evolution in professional heavy lift multi-rotor helicopters. Drawing on vast experience in the areas of professional aerial cinematography, engineering and manufacturing. FreeFly Systems have collaborated to create the ultimate aerial platform. Extensive R&D has been invested in the CineStar to create a reliable and robust system for aerial video and photo professionals, allowing for. longer flight times, heavier payloads and smoother footage. We run a 2 man operation one controller for the helicopter the other for the gimbal to get the shoot you always wanted.

Microkopter FC and BL 3.5/ Navi 2.0 with GPS/ Tiger MN4012 Heavy Lift Motors/ Tiger 15x5 Carbon Fiber Propellers/ Battery 6s 10000mah
Max Payload: ~5445grams (12 lbs)
Flight Time ~ 8mins

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

We can shoot Photos and Video. Using our MOVI M5 on the ground or getting the unique photo and movie from the air you always wanted to shoot.


We can also use other Cameras upon request.


Bring big-budget camera moves to your productions.
The MoVI M5 draws on the advanced stabilization technology developed for the MoVI M10 allowing for amazingly smooth footage in even the most demanding situations. The compact form factor and lightweight nature of the M?VI M5 allows camera movement that would be impossible in the past. With the release of the MoVI M5, Freefly aims to bring big budget caliber camera moves to a wider range of productions.
Introducing a handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal, so advanced, it redefines the possibilities for camera movement. The heart of the gimbal is Freefly's proprietary high performance IMU and brushless direct drive system. No compromises were made to accommodate off-the-shelf brushless motors, motor drives or IMUs. Creating the gimbal from scratch allowed Freefly to precisely execute our vision for the next generation of stabilized camera gimbals. In creating this camera gimbal, we aim to empower a new era of stabilized cinematography. Freefly MoVI - "The New Moving Picture."

Our Work
TV work

This is some of our work from a Japanese Tv program. We are able to produce high quality work for your TV commercial or Movie needs. What are you waiting for?

TV commercial for Yamnar

In 2014 we did a commercial for the new Yamnar tractor in Hokkiadio. This was shoot in 1 day. We can travel from Tokyo to where ever required.

Freestyle, Dancing & Drones - Skate[Slate] Japan

While Lotfi Lamaali and Adam Colton visited Japan on the Loaded Asian Tour, Skate[Slate] Japan editor Dan Pape and friend Brad Bennett took them to a secret location to play skateboards with some of the drones from Tokyo Techno Aerial Photo Co.

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